As part of the dynamic EMVAfrica group, EnergyValves is positioned as more than a supplier of valves, we offer complete solutions.

EnergyValves’ range of stainless steel valves is sourced from reputable and highly certified manufacturers and suppliers with proven track records. The division is focused on establishing long-term relationships with suppliers and regularly audits their quality standards as well as provides material and pressure test certificates with all valve products.

With stainless steel valves forming the bulk of the range offered, the division also offers valves in duplex stainless-steel valves, titanium valves, 904L valves, nickel alloys valves as well as numerous other high performance alloys. The company’s comprehensive valves portfolio includes a range of ball valves, knife gate valves, wedge gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, needle valves, and pressure relief valves. In addition to stainless steel valves, EnergyValves also supplies valves in lower steel grades such as carbon steels, division also holds extensive stock of the most commonly used valves in corrosion resisting alloys.

EnergyValves complements its extensive valve range with a valve actuation service. The division has a fully equipped workshop stocked with a range of pneumatic double-acting/spring return actuators. Together with a comprehensive service offering including valve repairs, servicing and technical advice Accessory Options: NAMUR solenoid, mechanical limit switch, electro-pneumatic/smart positioner.